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2010-01-25 10:23:23 by adam2510

what is this CodeBytez?

You will just have to find out.


i have given up!

2010-01-13 13:07:58 by adam2510

Hello all!

i have decided to give up flash completely!

1. i do not have the time and will not have the time because i am going to tafe this year.
2. it really does not interest me anymore.
3. i really find i get nothing from anything i make in flash.
4. i cant really be stuffed learning AS3.
5. it is the career path i want to follow.

sorry for those who were expecting my completed flash site but i have to re-think my whole idea if i am going to make it big in the area of programming so soon i will be pulling my site and working things out from there

hopefully in a few months or so i will put up a site

sorry if i disappoint anyone but i just dont care about flash anymore!


2009-07-05 05:47:25 by adam2510

Hi Readers!

My freind is running a hosting server and he needs a $300 piece of software to finish it off

And i need SmartFox Server for several games i want to create and i cant get that to work on the server until we get a dedicated server which will cost $33 more than currently

So The site will be delayed and anyone who wants to get a site on the server will have to wait too

sorry guys but it comes back to the topic of MONEY!

Hello NG'ers i have recently thaught it would be good to make a app for vista and mac

So. i am making a Windows Vista Sidebar App and Mac Dashboard App for NG

Post your ideas Here: 52712

and i will start designing them on friday (gives you time to think about what you want in it)

i have finally finished all the pages

i will be uploading content to it in the next week


the Orangeflash User System or the OUS is currently being developed by me and my freind

unlike my previous systems this is going to work

i may even be thinking about having a uploader (but is fairly unlikely)
i hope to see you soon at my new web site

the countdown has started

2008-12-15 01:39:45 by adam2510

the Countdown has started for the new orangeflash media web site

you will have to go to my site to view the countdown

i hope to see you at my new web site at 3pm on wednesday
i have speant 3 months getting everything prepared

i have a few small additions to add to the site when my freind gets off his ass and puts everything back because now i have created a way to stop people using proxy servers yes it was hard but it is now worth it, thanks to all of those who helped and i am pretty sure it will work


i am also very pleased with another thing on my mind

08.08.12 will be the release of something big, very big

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this video is just for fun

just recently today i finished my website and i thaught it would be a good idea to get some people to go to my site and test it for bugs and even tho there were some i had no idea the server was going to be flooded with 10000+ spam accounts.

thanks to those fuckholes the site will not be running untill the weekend or even later

to all those who wanted the new site up i'm sorry but those fuckholes ruined it for you

those fuckholes may post here and i do not give a fuck if they do i just want them to leave it alone

basically while i try and fix the registrations i will get the rest of the site up to so there will be a bonus

the site is there but you cant do anything on it (hence why the redirection is there) to keep it safe

i and the host are pretty fucking pissed off that this happened and it WILL not happen AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!


Site is nearly done!

2008-07-13 10:38:41 by adam2510

about 16 hours time i will be opening the new orangeflash media

ok there wont be much new exept the whole site is redone and a mp3 player but its a start

(this is for all those that are wondering) my first project to finish is Bikes V1 thats after i get the site up

this is crazy

2008-04-24 08:03:52 by adam2510

i was looking on youtube for guitar hero 3 videos and i saw this

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its utterly crazy